Woman's brutal gift for friend 'cheating' with fiancé: 'You're not ready'

A jewellery designer has shared the brutal gift a woman bought, after finding out her fiancé had been allegedly cheating on her with her best friend.

Taking to her TikTok account, jeweller Liv Portillio at DBL Jewellery told her followers: "You're not ready for this one", before sharing how the customer was planning to expose the affair in front of 'everyone'.

jeweller Liv Portillio cheating tiktok
Jeweller Liv Portillio shared an order she received online for a 'cheating' friend. Photo: TikTok

In her online order form, the woman wrote: "Liv. Just found out my fiancé is cheated on me with my BEST FRIEND. Her bday is on July 11th & I'm giving this to her in front of EVERYONE.

She also added: "I used his card don't worry."

Liv then shows off the necklace design that was ordered - on the one side if featured the best friend's name Valentina, but on the other side it read: "Have my leftovers".


Along with the necklace, Liv says the woman also bought another one with a snake charm and one with an 'evil eye'.

tikTok jeweller cheating necklace
On the one side the necklace had her friend's name but the other side had the true message. Photo: TikTok

The video was flooded with plenty of comments from people reacting to the 'brutal' plan, with many wanting to find out how it played out.

"Is it wrong of me to wanna see how it played out like imagine their faces," was one comment.

"I want to see the best friend's reaction," another agreed.

While a third said: "This is so good"

Some however thought the necklaces were "too beautiful" to give to a cheating friend.

It's not the first time jeweller Liv has shared a juicy order online either.

Last year, another video on her TikTok went viral, after she revealed how she had been asked by a woman online to create a necklace as an 'anniversary gift', but instead it would be engraved with the names of the three other women her man had allegedly cheated with.

"My boyfriend cheated and I'm sending him a necklace with ALL the girls' names on them."

And on the official order request form, which Liv also showed, it said: "He cheated with three girls so here's his anniversary gift (he doesn't know I know yet)."

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