Woman’s brilliant Kmart hack for plastic bag free shopping

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the plastic bag ban that’s changing the way we shop – and helping save the environment – and one genius mum has come up with a simple way to cart her groceries home with minimal fuss.

Perth local Ashleigh Hair shared her budget hack to Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia, revealing she purchased one game-changing item from Kmart which she now keeps in her car at all times.

“With the plastic ban looming here in WA I now keep one of the $5 Kmart flexible tubs in my boot,” Ashleigh wrote.

Ashleigh shared her creative hack to avoid using plastic bags. Photo: Facebook/Ashleigh Hair

“I find it a lot quicker and easier for my shopping!”

While all of us have endless tote bags floating around our homes, Ashleigh admits she much prefers using the plastic tub for groceries so she can easily give it a wash in between shops.

“Let’s be honest – I know I’m never going to remember to wash my fabric bags!”, she told Daily Mail Australia.

Ashleigh’s clever hack proved to be a hit on Facebook, with over 3000 likes, and other shoppers sharing their own ways of adjusting to the plastic bag ban.

Ashleigh’s trick saw hundreds of comments praising her idea. Photo: Facebook/Ashleigh Hair

“Sounds awesome. When we get it delivered at home I bring out the washing basket,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

“Good idea, probably best to have a few small ones though,” added another. “A big one could get heavy full of groceries. And if you’re anything like me you always buy more than you meant to.”

While Ashleigh puts her tub in the trolley while she shops, her solution is also pretty handy for those of us who always forget to bring something into the shop with us.

“[You] don’t really need to take it into the supermarket,” advised one commenter. “Leave it in the boot and pack your trolley in the boot.”

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