Woman's attempt to give away free makeup turns sour fast

Kristine Tarbert
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When it comes to things we’d drop everything for, there are a few that stand out; free pizza, yes, free wine, sure, free makeup, definitely!

But one woman has shared the frustrating encounter she had with an “entitled” someone, as she was trying to give away said makeup for free, after finishing her studies to become a beautician.

The screenshots of the conversation were shared on a Reddit thread for ‘stories of people who are being way too picky’. 

And while at first the exchange starts off pretty normally, with a woman getting in touch about what free products were available, it quickly escalates to the point of the contact being labelled a ‘Crazy B***h’.

The ‘seller’ explains she has concealer, eye shadow, lip gloss and a few brushes to give away, which she purchased for school but didn’t use and no longer needs.

When the woman asks for “everything”, she is told that some of the products are going to other people, but she could have one of each.

So far, still pretty tame.

But things explode after she wants to know what brands the products are.

Here is how the convo unfolded from there:

Photos: Reddit/ town_klown

Not only was she complaining about the FREE items, she also wanted the person to drive 30 minutes to bring them to her.

Understandably the internet has slammed the woman for being so demanding about expensive products she would have gotten for free.

Most have praised the beautician for keeping her cool for so long.

This made me irrationally mad. You had patience, I would have called her a dumb b*** the second she started giving you attitude. People suck,” one person wrote in the comments.

“‘Entitled much?’ I mean… what bubble does she live in,” another added.

Don’t you just love when they say they are looking to get it a gift for someone, and FREE is too much to spend?” was another response.

Photo: Getty

Others pointed out the person seemed to have no idea about makeup.

“I bet this person has no clue about makeup. Those brands (NYX, Elf, L’Oréal) are freaking great, the only reason she wanted MAC was because of the name,” one wrote.

It’s almost like people don’t understand the concept of free.”

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