Woman mortified after ’embarrassing’ wardrobe malfunction at the gym: ‘Excuse me while I go die in a hole now’

Credit: _bela_amor/TikTok
Credit: _bela_amor/TikTok

TikToker and actor Isabela Barbosa (@_bela_amor) says she never wants to return to the gym after an embarrassing workout experience.


Someone give me a therpist number because i cant recover from this…. #storytime #fail #embarrassing #funny

♬ Gym Fail – Isabela Barbosa

“I will never show my face in the gym again,” Barbosa declares adamantly at the beginning of the clip.

Facing the camera in her car, Barbosa explains that the most embarrassing situation happened to her during her workout, before letting out a good scream.

Barbosa relays that in an effort to be productive, she decided to go to the gym even though, in retrospect, she “should have stayed in bed eating a bag of Cheetos.”

Barbosa begins her workout at the crowded gym with an elliptical “that’s in the middle of the room.”

About 35 minutes into her workout, Barbosa notices other gym-goers staring at her.

“I’m like, why are you staring at me? Like, do you recognize me from TikTok?” Barbosa reiterates facetiously.

She says that a woman approached her and suggested she go to the bathroom as something was stuck to her pants.

“I had  f***ing neon blue underwear stuck to the back of my a** … for about 35 minutes in the middle of a gym. Excuse me while I go die in a hole now,” Barbosa tells the camera at the end of the video with an impressive range of emotions.

Viewers took to the comments, encouraging Barbosa not to worry about the mishap.

“Yooo, shoutout to the women who told you,” one user wrote.

“We would never judge you,” the TikTok account for a fitness center commented.

“You are hilarious! I’m sorry that happened, but you made me laugh today,” complimented one viewer.

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