Woman's 'jelly bean' engagement ring roasted online

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman has felt the heat of the internet, after a photo of her unusual engagement ring ignited a fierce response online, with people slamming the ring for its unusual look and comparing it to a host of other round orange objects.

Posted to a ring shaming group, the ring features an orange opal set somewhat askew in a four-pronged gold setting, which really does look a whole lot like a jelly bean.

For many, a closer look just highlighted the rings many dopplegangers. Photo: Facebook

The woman posted it to a ring shaming group online, where over 800 people reacted to the ring and essentially roasted it for all it was worth.

“Handmade engagement ring with opal,” the woman who posted it caption the image.

Others, however, had different descriptions of what they thought the ring truly was.

Popcorn, jelly beans and beetle comparisons

Many couldn't see the difference between this beetle, and the ring. Photo: Getty Images

“Is that an unpopped popcorn kernel???” one person asked.

“Looks like a junebug (beetle) WTF,” another shared.

Someone else thought it was a classic case of mixed-up locations.

“Its looks like one of that dollar store fake nails,” someone argued which, honestly...

She's not lying. Photo: Getty Images

The suggestions became wilder and somehow more spot-on as the commentators increased.

Another person argued the ring may have medicinal properties.

“Looks like one of those fish oil capsules,” she wrote which, again, is eerily accurate.

One person said it was this popular supplement the ring conjured up for them. Photo: Getty Images

Another was more concerned than anything else, arguing the ring looked like a variety of physical ailments.

“My eardrum when I get an inner ear infection,” they wrote.

“Looks like the blister I got on my shoulder when I got the world’s worst sunburn,” someone else wrote.

Most popular was the theory the ring was, in fact, a jelly bean in disguise, which has to be the most compelling so far.

Jelly bean, or opal ring? We'll never know. Photo: Getty Images

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