McDonald's makes woman's 'terrible day' worse with unusual order mixup: 'This has to be an all-time low'

Sometimes a bad day will just twist the knife in. But there’s nothing worse than when your pick-me-up during a tough time is also a bust.

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Content creator Jessica Gardner was really going through it one day and she just had to vent on TikTok. She was already having a bad day when McDonald’s royally messed up her order.

“I’m having a terrible day,” she explained. “I got a burger. They forgot to put the patty on it. And you know what? That’s fine. I got nuggets!”

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But her consolation quickly led to more disappointment. While practically on the verge of tears she opened up the box of nuggets only to find a fried egg.

“Why? Why is there an egg in here? Breakfast has been over for two hours. I just wanted a meal before I go into work. I’m very upset,” she said.

People could relate to her struggle. Who hasn’t had an order go wrong at an inopportune time after all?

“This has to be an all-time low for having a terrible day. I’m apologizing in advance for laughing,” someone commented.

“This would send me directly to the Better Business Bureau,” another wrote.

“I feel you, bestie. Taco Bell did me dirty the other day & I cried,” a user added.

“I once ordered a McGriddle with only cheese and egg, no meat. they gave me just a slice of cheese. 4 times. it was right on the 5th try,” a person said.

“I feel you! It’s always when you’re already having a bad day that this stuff happens,” a TikToker replied.

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