Woman suffers horrifying burns from laser treatment

Aletha Wilkinson

When Anastasia Serdobintseva decided to have her legs lasered, she assumed she'd leave the salon with silky smooth pins.

Instead, the Moscow, Russia resident emerged from her treatment in agony, her entire legs covered in painful, unsightly red blisters.

Anastasia never thought a trip to the beauty salon would leave her scarred. Source: Facebook
Laser hair removal left Anastasia with blisters across her legs. Source: Facebook
Both legs were left covered in welts. Source: Facebook

"A few months ago, I got a new salon," Anastasia wrote on Facebook, in a post warning others against having laser treaments at unreliable venues. "Cute, cozy... While I did my nails, I met the girls and they told me about laser wax."

Anastasia had no idea what was in store for her. Source: Facebook

Liking what she heard, Anastasia booked in for a session with the salon manager, "Svetlana".

"Alas, that day, something clearly went wrong and Svetlana said something about a low pain threshold," she wrote, adding that the pain was blamed on her "sensitive skin" when in fact the laser was "slowly and burning my skin".

She phoned an ambulance and was taken to hospital where she received treatment for the burns. It will take her legs up to six months to heal.

"I've got a burn of both legs of 1-2 degrees, I've been walking in the dressing and in the bandages," Anastasia wrote.

Anastasia's legs had to be completely bandaged. Source: Facebook
The thick bandages were then replaced by lighter mesh wrappings. Source: Facebook

"For the next six months, I can't wear short skirts/pants, because I can't let the burned skin be exposed to the sun."

As her legs heal, the burned skin is peeling off but the new skin cannot be exposed to the sun. Source: Facebook

"Unfortunately, I don't have a refund, no contract and the salon is denying everything. I don't know what's going to happen, but I know that I'm not gonna recommend this salon even to my worst enemy.... Be careful!

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