Woman Strikes Up Conversation with 'Cute' Seatmate on Airplane. Two Years Later, They Get Engaged (Exclusive)

On May 21, Megan Meza got engaged to Freddie, whom she met on her flight to London

<p>Megan Meza</p> Megan Meza and her fiancé Freddie.

Megan Meza

Megan Meza and her fiancé Freddie.

As Megan Meza settled into her window seat on her layover flight from Los Angeles to London in April 2022, she noticed a cute man entering her row.

She observed him placing his bags in the aisle seat and fumbling with some items in his bag. That's when he accidentally dropped his AirPods on the floor. Seeing him scramble to find them, Meza decided to take a chance and strike up a conversation.

"I was like, 'Hey, I've dropped my AirPods before. You should wait. When the plane takes off, everything will roll behind us,' " the Los Angeles native tells PEOPLE exclusively of her conversation.

"And he was like, 'Oh, thank you, thank you,' " she adds, recalling his reply and hearing his British accent for the first time.

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<p>Megan Meza</p> Megan Meza and her fiancé Freddie.

Megan Meza

Megan Meza and her fiancé Freddie.

Meza and the man, whom she later learned was named Freddie, chatted throughout the boarding process. Eventually, another passenger sat between them, but they didn't let that stop them from conversing.

Once the plane took off, the two continued talking about their families, friendships and lives as best as they could over the girl sitting in between them. Meza even informed her mom, who was sitting further up on the plane with her dad, about the fateful encounter.

"A few hours later, the lights started to go off. We got our last glass of wine and I was like, 'So nice to meet you and cheers to the next few hours of this flight,' " Meza recalls.

Not long after, she pulled out her book to read, but she was no more than a page in when she noticed Freddie pass her his phone over the girl who was still asleep in the middle seat.

Freddie had opened up his notes app and typed out a note that said, "Have you got a boyfriend?"

"I then responded 'no' with a smiley face and sent it back to him," she shares.

Throughout the rest of the flight, they ended up passing notes on his phone, and even swapped seats with the woman in between them to sit next to each other. Later, when the plane landed, they exchanged contact information, thinking they would never see each other again.

But from that point on, they started texting and Facetiming every single day. Two weeks after meeting, Meza decided to book a flight to London for a July visit.

"We had talked during those Facetime conversations about doing long distance, but realized it was stupid. If anything, we decided it was great getting to know each other," she says.

When July rolled around and Meza went to London, she had so much fun and realized this relationship wasn't one she could let go. So, she and Freddie had a talk and decided they were going to make long distance work.

"I was like, this is someone that I actually really enjoy spending time with," she says. "He checks all the boxes, he's kind, he's funny, he's gracious, he's charming, he takes care of his people, he's got great friends, great family."

"Yes, long distance sucks, it's never easy. But I feel we both did a pretty good job of making it work, and it was as easy as it could be given the circumstances," she adds.

<p>Megan Meza</p> Megan Meza and her fiancé Freddie.

Megan Meza

Megan Meza and her fiancé Freddie.

Finally, after two years of many flights between London and L.A., Freddie got down on one knee and proposed to Meza on May 21 at a park they went to on their first date.

Following their engagement, she posted a video about their love story on TikTok, which went viral, garnering 7 million views. "I did not expect it to blow up the way it did," she says.

Now, reflecting on their first conversation on the plane, Meza shares how she never in a million years imagined this is how the story would turn out.

"I saw a man who I thought was very cute, and I used that as an opportunity to have this 'yes' moment on a plane where it's like, I'm never going to see him again. What do I have to lose?" she says.

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