Starbucks customers baffled by TikToker’s ‘money-saving’ drink order: ‘It literally tastes the same’

Dillon Thompson
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A TikTok user is going viral after sharing her hack for a “money-saving” version of Starbucks’ famous iced white mocha.

The hack? Go to a different restaurant entirely. In fact, go to McDonald’s.

That might sound crazy at first, but TikTokers are clearly taking notice. The cost-saving alternative, shared by a user named Studying Roots has drawn nearly 900,000 views and sparked dozens of copycats.

In the clip, Studying Roots explains that Starbucks customers can replicate their beloved white mocha with a few alterations at McDonald’s.

The secret: Order a medium sugar-free French vanilla iced coffee, then ask them to add caramel sauce.

“It literally tastes the same and it’s $1.80,” the TikToker explains.

Prices vary based on where you live, but for comparison, a grande iced white mocha costs around $4.50 at Starbucks.

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TikTok users love sharing their favorite Starbucks hacks and viral drink orders, so naturally, the comments were flooded with opinions. Many users said they couldn’t wait to try the beverage.

“I work at McDonald’s I’m trying this,” one user wrote.

“McDonald’s coffee goes hard. And way better tasting,” another added.

Others were a little more skeptical, with many commenters asking how caramel sauce could help replicate the white mocha flavor.

“That’s literally everything a white mocha isn’t,” one user wrote.

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