Woman needed week off work after swingers injury

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman has revealed she had to have a week off work once after suffering an injury during a swingers session.

Kat, and partner Wolf, from Casino, NSW, were one of many participants that spoke out about their involvement in swinging on ABC’s ‘You Can’t ask That’ program.

Kat was the one that introduced swinging into the relationship, having done it with a previous partner, and Wolf was happy to give it a whirl.

He ended up quickly being a very enthusiastic spectator.

Wolf and Kat opened up about their life as swingers. Photo: ABC

“The first time I looked at you with someone else I’m like, ‘That’s sort of floating my boat… that sort of turns me on’,” Wolf said of the first time they tried it as a couple.

It was during one such session that Kat revealed she ended up suffering an injury that saw her needing a week off work.

“I got pounded all the way across the floor one night,” Kat said, recalling a time Wolf was watching her with another partner.

“She was on her back on the floor in the lounge room on this big shag carpet,” Wolf explained. “And they started on one side of the room, just in missionary, and wound up on the other side of the room.”

Kat admits she suffered an injury once as a result of swinging. Photo: ABC

Kat said she ended up with severe carpet burn.

“I ended up with carpet burn all the way down my spine, had to take antibiotics, have a week off work, a tetanus shot – it was a great night though,” she mused.

Kat said swinging provides an environment for people from all walks of life to explore their various kinks and, above all, to enjoy themselves.

“[Swinging’s] just fun,” she said. “It’s like going to an amusement park.”

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