Woman sparks outrage with racy funeral dress: 'Mortified'

A small clothing business owner has sparked outrage after sharing an array of dresses she says are "perfect" for a funeral.

In a video shared to the TikTok page promoting Edgy Little Pieces, the woman films herself in front of a mirror wearing a black long-sleeved bodycon dress with a cutout showing off her cleavage and another small cutout on her abdomen.

"So many people have been asking me for funeral fits," she says as she shows off the dress.

"It's really modest and covered up so absolutely perfect for a funeral."

A number of people slammed the woman in the comments, expressing their shock at the dress recommendation.

The TikToker sparked outrage with her 'funeral fits'. Source: TikTok/@edgylittlepieces
The TikToker sparked outrage with her 'funeral fits'. Source: TikTok/@edgylittlepieces

"Tell me she's joking," one said.

"WHAT ... modest and covered up????" another confused TikToker wrote.

"F***ing hell surely not," a third added.

In a different video, the woman spruiks another dress that she claims is one of her best sellers for funeral attire.


It is another short, black bodycon dress that is sleeveless and has a cutout right down the middle that is held together with a thin string detail.

"This is our best-selling funeral fit at the minute," she says in the TikTok.

Like in her previous video, she claims it too is "modest and covered up" and "perfect for a funeral".

She was savaged again in the comments, with many questioning how she could claim the dress was "modest".

"My family would be mortified," one commented.

"Wear this at my funeral you’ll be the one in the coffin," another claimed.

"What’s covered up?" a third questioned.

However, in another video the woman claimed she was joking when promoting her pieces.

"Our TikToks are a joke," she clarified in one video.

A number of fans said the TikToker, who has more than 30,000 followers, was "iconic".

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