Woman sparks debate over 'hideous' Christmas tree: 'A mess'

One Facebook user has sparked intense debate after sharing a photo of her very creative Christmas tree, with some users describing it as "hideous". The woman shared the photo in The Magical Holidays of Christmas Facebook group, with the caption, "She’s up, my greatest creation! Had to muster the energy this year with working nights at the NHS! I couldn’t be bothered! Couldn’t be happier now it’s done [though]! I love Christmas."

The tree featured numerous large ornaments instead of smaller baubles and decorations and didn't appear to be a traditional shape. It also featured a large red top hat instead of a star.

Christmas tree
A woman has sparked debate over her 'hideous' Christmas tree after sharing it on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

However, not everyone was a fan of the woman's creation, with one user writing, "Oh wow, that's hideous," while another added, "That is awful. But each to their own."

"Doesn't look like a Christmas tree though. Looks like the Grinch has put it up in a tornado," a third said.

"I think people are getting a bit silly with their trees these days. It's all about how much more you can cram on it," yet another said. "I like a pretty elegant tree - this to me looks a bulky mess."

"That's like something out of the movie little shop of horrors....the big man eating plant," someone else added.


"Looks like a hedge with random Christmas bits thrown into it, would drive me crazy looking at that," another wrote.

However, many liked the unique style with one user writing, "That is one of the most OTT trees I've ever seen! And I bloody love it! From traditional to tacky, no Xmas tree is a bad tree for me."

"Reminds me of early childhood movies!" another said. "Merry Christmas! Spectacular!"

"Everyone has different taste," a third said. "Personally I think it looks fantastic. The fact that everyone is different makes the world go round. It would be very boring if we were all the same!"

"Your tree looks so creative and beautiful! I love seeing everyone's Christmas creations!" someone else added.

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