Woman smashes BMW into dealership during test drive

This is the moment a bungling woman test-driving a BMW slams the car straight through the front entrance of the dealership and into a wall.

The unnamed woman, who was test-driving BMW’s new X1 plug-in hybrid for the Chinese market, is said to have confused the accelerator pedal for the brakes.

CCTV shows the woman plowing through the doors of the dealership with workers scattering before her. Photo: Australscope

CCTV footage from the BMW dealership in Guangzhou, China, shows the driver approaching the entrance of the business in the blue SUV.

But she fails to slow down and slams right into the glass door and windows, shocking staff who manage to move out the way.

Following a brief pause, in which the woman still has not taken her foot of the accelerator, the BMW then crashes through the entrance and slams into the front desk and the showroom wall.

Staff members were fortunately able to jump out the way at the last second, with none of the BMW employees injured during the 11th August scare, witnesses said.

The car slammed into a wall, with the woman escaping unhurt. Photo: Australscope

Footage taken in the aftermath shows the woman gingerly climbing out of the driver’s seat of the crashed BMW.

It is understood that local authorities are still looking into the details of the freak accident.

Footage of the shocking crash has now gone viral. Photo: Australscope

Those who have seen the footage on social media are less than forgiving about the blunder.

“You break it, you buy it!” commented one.

“I beg her not to buy a car,” added another. “Really. I don’t want to see her on social media again in the near future.”

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