Woman shocked when stranger tells her to 'run' from her date: 'Be safe'

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A woman has taken to Twitter to share the story of a recent date she went on where she received some advice from a stranger who had heard the conversation the pair was having.

The Twitter user, whose name is Hadia S, shared a photo of a note of warning she'd been given by a stranger while her date had gone to use the bathroom.

Tweet about woman getting note from stranger about her date
A woman was shocked when a stranger gave her a note telling her to 'run' from her date after listening to their conversation. Photo: Twitter

"I had coffee with a guy yesterday," she wrote. "When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note."

The note read, "Too many red flags. Run. Be safe girl."


The Tweet quickly went viral with almost 385,000 likes, with the woman adding, "It honestly wasn't THAT bad....until he came out of the bathroom. Everything he said after the note was a major red flag."

While Hadia found the situation funny and didn't see herself in any actual danger and actually wanted to debate with him on a few topics including rapper Da Baby, who came under fire recently for making homophobic comments.

She shared that she and her date "did not see eye to eye" on the controversy and joked that the stranger would have probably been "exhausted" listening to them.

"I'm sure my guardian angel was exhausted and was like, 'B***H, LEAVE!'" she wrote.

She also added, "There were a few other GLARING red flags that I won't mention, but don't worry, I would have recognised them with or without the note. But the note was greatly appreciated and added some laughs to my night. There won't be a second date."

Many Twitter users were invested in the whole situation, one user responded, "I wish someone told me this before I got into my last relationship take his advice girl!"

"I solemnly swear as a straight man to do this too if ever I'm in the position to do so," one man responded, adding, "In Sydney lockdown right now though and it's hard to imagine what sitting in a coffee shop is even like [to be honest]."

"Take that advice and run girl," another Twitter user wrote. "Men who have many red flags usually don’t change or rarely change."

"I love this for you," someone else added. "Can he wingman my dates, too? This is an excellent service you got for free. Run, girl, run."

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