Woman shocked as 'neighbour' drops flowers at her door

Bianca Soldani
Acting Lifestyle Editor

Rosie was puzzled when she started noticing pink flowers strewn across her back porch.

She didn’t have pink flowers growing in her backyard and there weren’t any overhanging trees around to drop them, but day by day, her collection at the back door was getting larger.

It wasn’t until she caught her neighbour’s cat red handed that Rosie was able to unravel the mystery.

Rosie didn’t know how all these flowers were getting to her front door.

It seems Willow the cat had been sneakily delivering the blooms, and in return, she now gets treats and access to a cosy nap spot inside Rosie’s home.

“She clearly likes us because she steals flowers from (her owners) and leaves them on our deck,” Rosie tells Love Meow.

“It was at least ten flowers before we realised it was her.

“I was so excited that I went to film it because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but dead animals before.”

Willow was caught red handed. Photo: YouTube
She now gets treats for dropping the flowers off. Photo: YouTube

Rosie, from the UK, lives in a townhouse and says Willow regularly visits many of her neighbours for a snack and a nap.

Willow isn’t the only cat who’s found fame for its escapades around the neighbourhood, over in New Zealand, a tabby has been causing a stir for the exact opposite reason; its been stealing items from its neighbours and dropping them at its owner’s place.

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