Woman spot-shamed by boyfriend beats acne

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A young woman with acne so bad she likened it to a having a "beard of spots" has finally beat her skin issues, and ditched her spot-shaming boyfriend in the process.

Mollie Cowin, 22, struggled with the skin condition for eight years so when she was offered the chance to try a new drug she jumped at it and decided to document her progress on Instagram.

But she says baring her red, raw skin left her boyfriend "embarrassed" and he stopped inviting her out with his friends.

Mollie Cowin's acne was so bad she says her boyfriend was

Thankfully, Mollie decided it wasn't good enough and after ditching her man, she continued sharing her selfies as watched in amazement as the new treatment — Roaccutane — transformed her face.

“As soon as I told my boyfriend I was going to share my skin pictures online to help others, he would tell me that it wasn’t a good idea in case some of his friends saw," Mollie said. “After dealing with my acne and feeling worthless for eight years, enough was enough.

After giving her now ex the boot, she began taking Roaccutane to treat the acne that plighted her face.

Mollie described her breakouts as a

“My spots would always form around my chin, my upper lip and on the bottom of my cheeks – it looked like I had a beard of spots," she said.

Now the British banker has had the last laugh as the result is beautiful clear skin and she's been able to ditch the multiple spot creams and washes she'd depended on before.

Mollie, who first developed the skin condition at the age of 14, said she decided to take the controversial treatment that has been linked to suicidal and depressive thoughts, after weighing up the pros and cons with a dermatologist.

After ditching her spot-shaming boyfriend and going ahead with treatment, Mollie now has beautiful skin. Source: Caters News

The fact the medication has been scrutinised was the reason she decided to document her journey on @skinstagra.m

“At first the drug took it’s time to set in and my skin was still red and patchy at first before it really set in," she explained. "But I stuck to it and now my skin is great.”

Best of all, Mollie now has the confidence to go makeup free.

Additional reporting by Mollie Mansfield, Caters News

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