Woman Shares Agenda for Dad's Weekly 'Board Meetings' with Friends — and the List May Surprise You (Exclusive)

Kenzi shared her dad Riley's agenda for his weekly "board meetings" with his three friends, which turned into a viral tradition

<p>Kenzi Enright and Riley Enright</p> Riley and Kenzi Enright (L), the first agenda to go viral

Kenzi Enright and Riley Enright

Riley and Kenzi Enright (L), the first agenda to go viral
  • In late 2022, Kenzi tweeted out a photo of her dad's printed agenda for his weekly meetup with his friends

  • The wholesome tradition quickly went viral, making internet sensations of Kenzi and dad Riley, as well as his buddies

  • The father-daughter duo tell PEOPLE what it's been like seeing how different people have adapted the idea to connect with those in their lives

A group of men's printed agendas for their meetups have become one of Twitter's most beloved weekly traditions.

When Kenzi Enright — daughter of Riley Enright, one of the four mainstays in the weekly "board meetings" — first shared one of her dad's agendas on Twitter, it was just because she personally found it amusing.

"I heard about the agendas probably around the same time that they started doing it because I got a kick out of it. My dad invited me as a guest speaker, so I went along and he handed me the printout agenda," Kenzi tells PEOPLE.

Of his group of friends, Riley says, "We've been getting together for about five years now. We meet every Friday at 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome, but it's mainly four of us every week."

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Riley says the idea for agendas started as a complete joke that somehow got life breathed into it.

"We were sitting there and somebody had a beer and had it on a coaster. We turned it over and there was really small writing on it, that none of us could read. So we said, 'Oh, that must be the agenda,' " he says, laughing. "From there, we started putting an agenda together."

The agendas also helped solve a recurring issue in their meetups. "We found ourselves going down some rabbit holes. Political things and whatnot would get in the way, and life would get in the way of things," he explains.

"We found ourselves getting away from the fun and into kind of depressing things. So we made a vow to each other —no politics, no depressing things. We're just going to get together and have fun."

Every week, Riley will text his friends for agenda items and compile them, sharing the printouts when they meet. When Kenzi saw the gathering for herself, she was greatly amused.

" I was like, 'This is so funny.' It's so wholesome, but it's also objectively so funny," she shares. "I tweeted, 'I feel like 11 of my friends are gonna get a kick out of this, especially if they know my dad.' "

She continues, "Then it just went crazy from there and it continues to go viral. I really thought it would only be funny to me and a couple of other people."

Riley's friends, meanwhile, are amused to hear about the fact they've gone viral.

"My friends do know we went viral, but in our age group, none of us are on Twitter. We're in our mid to later 60s. So Kenzi or my wife tell me what the comments are and I tell them," he says.

"Laird has become an absolute darling relative to this and he is, by all means, the one who is the most flat line out of all of us. He's talked about recipes, about landscaping, about home improvement stuff."

"It's a very unintended consequence that is really cool. It is such that it's not only gone viral with people that are online, but it's gone viral by word of mouth with my age group around here," Riley adds.

"So now my wife and I will go to parties and people will whip out an agenda. We've been to the bar one evening and someone came up and said, 'Are you Kenzi's dad?' "

Both Riley and Kenzi have enjoyed the positivity these weekly agendas have brought forth.

"It's fun the way people are embracing it to get together. Bringing people together was not a consequence that I think Kenzi or I ever would have thought was going to happen, and that's the neatest part of it," Riley says.

A fan-favorite recurring item, "general discussion" is listed at the bottom of every agenda.

"It's interesting because they do stay on track. Watching them, it's hilarious," Kenzi says. "But there's other things going on in their lives, so they talk about what's happening there during the general discussion spot."

For Riley, it's been amazing to see the reach of the fun idea.

"An elderly neighbor came up to me while I was walking the dog and asks about the agenda. She's part of a group of women who get together in the winter. She said, 'We don't see each other during the summer. So now, when we get together to talk about the summer, we'll have an agenda.' "

Riley adds, "I'm not the most sensitive guy in the world, but it is really cool when it has that kind of touch and gets away from all of the mainstream of what we hear."

"As someone with crazy social anxiety, having an agenda is amazing. Now I can do it and feel totally normal about it," Kenzi says with a laugh.

"We have a couple of plans for making it more accessible to people that we're excited about," she teases.

"For me, the perfect world would be someday, somewhere, to have just an open agenda meeting with anyone that wants to come. It would be nice to see people come together to be absolutely positive — no gossip, just fun."

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