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Woman sets out on sustainability challenge, tries to use one plastic cup for weeks: ‘I’m so addicted to doing this’

Maddy Chow (@maddychowdown), a University of Hawaii student, is documenting a personal challenge of hers: using the same plastic cup for drinking until it doesn’t work anymore.

On April 11, Chow posted her first video in the series with the caption, “being #sustainable like #justsmallkinethings.”

Just Small Kine Things is a nonprofit organization in Oahu that focuses on sustainability and a clean environment — and efforts like beach cleanups and clearing up microplastics.

With that in mind, Chow set out on her mission, now on day 18. She’s used it for a myriad of drinks, such as coffee, matcha and water.

There are two groups watching her do this challenge, though. On the one hand, some people are excited to see her do this challenge, as they have done it themselves.

“I’m so addicted to doing this, it makes me feel fancy. I do this with the Starbucks cups,” said @ryanreda7zv.

“No because this is the cure to overconsumption,” said @itsnotjasminesky.

However, there are a faction of people warning Chow about the dangers of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in her plastic cup.

BPA is a chemical used to produce strong plastic packaging, yet it can potentially leak out into the substance it’s holding — especially in a water bottle — under certain conditions.

There are BPA-free plastics, but it’s unsure if the cup Chow is using falls into that category.

“Best not to do this because of BPA,” said @christineismimi.

“My teacher told me his friend got bone cancer from high concentration of plastic (BPA) from using the same plastic bottle,” said @ljlly.

Chow acknowledged that possibility and told her commenters the steps she’s taken to be safe.

“I’m scared of that:( i try to always throw out water if i don’t drink it fast,” said Chow.

With the cup looking to be in good condition, her challenge seems to still have plenty of days left.

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