Woman's ring shaming backfires as gaudy nail fail roasted

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman who tried to shame her boyfriend over a ‘promise ring’ he gifted her has had the attempt backfire in truly spectacular fashion.

The woman posted a shot of what looks like an opal stone in a glittering setting to a ring shaming Facebook group, hoping to convince her significant other she needs a new ring with the help of a few savage comments online.

“So my boyfriend wanted me to post my promise ring in this group,” she captioned the snap, adding “I’m trying to show him I need a better ring.”

This woman's promise ring wasn't what captured the online communities attention. Photo: Facebook

Unfortunately for her, it was her eye catching nails and the questionable title of ‘promise ring’ that really got people talking rather than the ring itself.

The woman’s nails are several centimetres long, styled into a severe square cut and finished off with a sparkling pink varnish - and apparently far more interesting than the ring she was hoping to highlight.

Nail fail attracts attention

The post attracted almost 500 comments in a couple of hours, with just a handful actually addressing the ring.

“Girl, those nails have got to go,” one woman wrote. “The shape the length the colour... all of it’s a no.”

“Did he buy you that ‘ring’ as a promise that you would never do your nails like that again?” another asked.

Even the professionals weighed in with bad news.

“As a nail tech... girls those nails tho (sic)... who did this to you?” was one savage comment.

“They should lose their f**king license.”

Questioning the promise

Others pointed out that the intent behind the ring may be more of an issue than the ring itself.

“If you’re having to persuade him about a new ring, he really isn’t ready/ doesn’t want to marry you,” one woman pointed out.

“‘I promise that one day I will want to get engaged, but I don’t want to get engaged today, that’s too soon.’ Wtf?” another imagined the man behind the ring saying.

The poor woman took it all in her stride, admitting the nails were a misstep.

“I knew the nails were bad,” she responded in the comments section. “I probably should have used a different photo.”

She did however express her disappointment at how the experience had turned out.

“I was hoping for a better response on the ring,” she wrote.

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