Woman reveals ‘difficult’ reason for rejecting best friend’s maid of honor request: ‘A recipe for disaster’

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A woman refused to be her best friend’s maid of honor. Now she’s having second thoughts.

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She posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The poster’s best friend Ella asked her to be co-maid of honor with another woman named Bree. Bree is Ella’s friend from college who strongly dislikes the Reddit poster. When the poster realized working with Bree would cause drama, she chose to opt out altogether.

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“My best friend, Ella, since pre-k is getting married,” she explained. “She asked me and this other woman, Bree, to be her co-maids of honor. Bree and I are not friends. For some reason, Bree has always hated me. Ella met Bree in college. They ended up being college roommates and grew close. Bree especially had a tough life and was glad my best friend wanted to be friends with her. Even Ella admits Bree is different with me. She’s snappy, she rolls her eyes when I talk, she has tried to make me feel left out.”

Bree made it a point to hurt the Reddit poster more than once. 

“I think the worst for me was I lost my sister,” she said. “Ella and I were living together at the time. Bree came over the same day after buying tickets for them to go to some concert. Ella said she couldn’t make it because of what happened and Bree then replies with, ‘didn’t you hate her sister?’ When Ella asked us I just realized we could not work together. So I told her no when it was just the two of us. I explained it would be a disaster waiting to happen. She said she understands but she feels bad and like she needs to make Bree feel important. Other friends say I’m wrong, I should do it, put our differences aside, not let Bree win.”

Reddit posters thought she made the right decision. 

“That was a recipe for disaster. I am sure this was difficult for you not to be the maid of honor but you would have regretted every second of it,” a person commented

“Sounds like your friend understands why and isn’t upset,” another wrote.

“You backing out is the right and respectful move,” a user said.   

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