Former cruise ship worker reveals 'creepy' secret

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A former cruise ship worker has revealed a "creepy" secret many passengers don't know about.

The woman posted a video on her TikTok account @laurentalkssmack explaining there are some hidden rooms onboard.

The Aussie woman said she worked as a musician on a cruise for a year, adding there were some "crazy" facts about cruise ships many wouldn't know.

"There's a morgue on board, there's a jail on board. When we worked on the cruise ship we saw a dead body getting wheeled out of the morgue," she revealed.

"That in itself is so creepy and made me not want to work on a cruise ship anymore because it's so confronting.

The former cruise ship worker in a TikTok.
The former cruise ship worker said there was a morgue and jail on board. Source: TikTok

"They obviously have a jail cell so if anyone's doing anything wrong they'll just lock them in there."

She also revealed the cruise she worked on did not have a deck 13 because it was an unlucky number.

“It’s a superstitious thing. Sorry, that’s weird. We’re on a cruise ship and you’re making me feel like superstition comes into play,” she said.

Some of Lauren's followers were shocked by her cruise revelations, while others said it made sense to have a jail and morgue on board.


“Death is everywhere and inevitable. It’s better to have a place to process grandma Ruth who had a heart attack at sea rather than having to go to land,” one said.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, I thought if someone died on board they would throw them off," another joked.

"My cabin use to back on to the morgue," a third added.

"It makes sense to have a jail and a morgue? I don't know this doesn't seem weird to me," another added.

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