Woman photoshops herself to show how the 'perfect' body has changed

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

A personal trainer has edited pictures of herself to show what she would look like with the ‘perfect’ body’ throughout time.

Cassey Ho, whose Instagram account @blogilates has 1.4 million followers, posted the images in a slideshow next to a picture of herself in present day.

If I had the ‘perfect’ body throughout history, this is what I’d look like,” she wrote in the caption.

From the hourglass figure of the 1950s to the ‘thigh gaps’ of the 90s and Kardashian inspired figures of 2018, Cassey’s photoshopped images depict how the ‘ideal’ female body has changed over the ages.

However, Cassey said she was surprised by what the project made her realise: that she preferred her own body to any of the others.

“You know, this project was so interesting to me because as I was looking at myself getting photoshopped, I thought that I might secretly like one of the results,” she wrote.

“But the super odd thing was…all of them didn’t sit right with me. Not one!

“Sure I’ve got a small butt, small boobs, a soft belly, and hip dips, but I’ve also got powerful legs, strong shoulders, and a figure that is all mine – unlike anyone else’s.”

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