Woman outs herself as 'bridesmaid from hell' in online war with bride

A woman has ousted herself as a ‘bridesmaid from hell’ in an online post. Photo: Universal Pictures

A war of words has erupted between a bride and her ‘bridesmaid from hell’ online.

The public spat, which all started over the dresses, has left followers of the wedding Facebook group divided, after the bride revealed a stream of messages between the pair.

The whole thing started when the bride posted to the group, claiming she wanted to shame her bridesmaid for dissing her dress options and being ‘snobby’ about them.

In the messages, the bride sent through several screenshots of potential dresses for her bridesmaid to wear on her big day.

The bridesmaid wrote back saying she felt that longer dresses are more appropriate because they’re ‘not going to a BBQ’ and she thought they would look better in photos.

“Girl it’s Florida in October it’s gonna be hot (sic). And some girls prefer short dresses. It’s not up to you,” the bride wrote back.

She went on to ask her bridesmaid is she was ok and said she just wants everyone to feel comfortable on the day.

The bride posted these screenshots of her conversation with her bridesmaid. Photo: Facebook

The bridesmaid replied telling the bride to let her know what dress they decide on because she’s flexible and it’s up to the bride at the end of the day.

The bride then shamed her bridesmaid on Facebook, with people claiming the whole thing was ‘petty’ and the bride was being ‘rude’ to her friend.

The bridesmaid is also a member of the Facebook wedding group and she decided to hit back at the bride by outing herself as the ‘bridesmaid from hell’.

“I’ve been on her case about what kind of dresses she wants us to wear for her wedding,” the bridesmaid said.

“She’s told me she doesn’t care as long as we’re comfortable and within her color scheme.

“Wedding is taking place at a beautiful state park in central Florida in October.

“I’m from California so our October’s are actual falls and hers are humid and unforgiving. So last night I asked for picture references of dresses to go off of.”

It seems it’s going to be tense on the wedding day between this pair. Photo: Facebook

She then posted the same screenshots to see what others thought of their text exchange.

People were divided, with some saying it’s a ‘non-issue’ and they shouldn’t be arguing over dresses.

“She is letting you choose. You can wear whatever you want… what’s the problem?,” one person said on the bridesmaid’s post.

“So the BM (bridesmaid) wasn’t out of line at all. She was asked her opinion, when it wasn’t what the bride wanted that’s when the BM backed off and basically said let me know what you choose. I think maybe you need to not read too much into what she said at all,” another commenter said on the bride’s post.

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