Woman mortified by boss text blunder: 'FML doesn’t cover it'

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A TikTok user has shared their horror after unwittingly sending their STI test results to their boss instead of their Covid test results as planned.

Katie Flight, a Ph.D. student in London took to the video-sharing platform back on December 23 to reveal the awkward mix-up that's sure to send a shiver down your spine.

a blonde woman filming a TikTok. Photo: TikTok/flatiekight.
A TikTok user has accidentally sent the wrong test results to their boss. Photo: TikTok/flatiekight.

In the now-viral clip, Katie is seen frowning at the camera while the text, "Sent my boss screenshots of my sti test results instead of my covid results" appears on screen.

"Fml doesn’t cover it," she added in the caption.

Katie appears to have tested positive for Covid a week earlier when she filmed a TikTok video of herself holding up a rapid antigen test with the tell-tale second line faintly visible.

She was presumably updating her boss with her Covid status when she accidentally gave them a glimpse at some rather personal health information.

Despite the delicate subject, Katie's fellow TikTok users weren't shy about enquiring as to her test results in the comments section.


A blonde young woman holding up a positive Covid rapid test to the camera. Photo: TikTok/flatiekight.
She appears to have tested positive for Covid a week earlier. Photo: TikTok/flatiekight.

"Which one was positive thou?" asked a follower, to which Katie replied, "Thank god only the covid one".

Another follower commended her on her efforts to get tested and keep her employer informed, writing, "Least you're clearly responsible".

Others were clearly horrified by the blunder, with one writing, "Stop, could you imagine!"

Katie, who is a Research Scientist in Vaccine Technology, has an Instagram account dedicated to explaining all things science and, in particular, debunking myths about Covid.

In her latest post, for example, she explains how rapid antigen tests work and why they sometimes return a positive result when people use tap water instead of the supplied buffer solution by taking a kit apart.

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