Woman mortified after sending nude pic to family group chat

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A woman has been left mortified after sending her family group chat a nude photo by accident, only realising after her brother told her to "remove" the photo from the chat "quickly".

A British woman named Bethany Margaret shared the hilarious story on TikTok across four videos, revealing how she found herself in the embarrassing situation.

tiktok story of woman sending family a nude photo by accident
A woman has been left mortified after sending her family a nude photo by accident, only realising after her brother told her to "remove" the photo. Photo: TikTok/@bethanymargaret

She explained how she'd been shopping with a friend and noticed some underwear sets on sale and decided to buy a few different colours as they were so cheap.

Her friend wanted to buy them but was nervous about the sizing as they weren't your typical bra sizes, so they decided Bethany would let her know how they fit when she got home and tried them on that night.


The friend was initially meant to stay the night at her house, but their plans changed so she asked Bethany to send her a photo of herself in the bralette.

"I talk to my friend on WhatsApp. I don't talk to anyone else on WhatsApp. No no. Except my family," Bethany said.

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"I say to her, 'You gotta go and get one of these, they're so comfy,' she says, 'Oh my God, how does it fit?' I say, 'Like a dream!' She said, 'Can you show me? Please show me how it fits because I've got big boobs!'"

Bethany continued, "I go onto WhatsApp. I open the most recent chat. I don't even read it. Because the most recent chat is always the chat with my friend - it's the only chat that is ever active on my WhatsApp! Right?"

"Swipe on to the camera. Take a quick pic. Send it on over. Put my phone down. Start getting dressed again, because ya know, that's how it goes. And I'm thinking to myself, 'I've done something really good here. I've really helped her. She's going to go and find that perfect bralette tomorrow.'"

"I get a notification, I pick my phone up ready to see a, 'Thanks babes,' but no. It's from my brother. It just says, 'Remove that. Quickly.'"

Bethany shared family's reactions on tiktok
Bethany shared a screenshot with her family's reactions. Photo: TikTok/@BethanyMargaret

Bethany joked that she tried to pretend that it wasn't her but "a friend" who sent the photo when her brother responded.

"Kill me please, thank you," she told her family members who were all seeing the photo meant for her friend.

Thankfully, her father was asleep when the photo was sent, but she recapped him on what happened anyway.

Her sister-in-law provided some words of wisdom, writing, "At least you had a bra on Beth, live and learn and always double-check before sending c**k shots lol."

TikTok users loved the videos with one writing, "This is possibly the best four-part series I've watched in a long time."

"Have you found a nice comfy hole to hide in?!" another said. "Because damn sure I'd never see my family again!"

"This was honestly hilarious!" someone else said.

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