Woman loses 60kg and rejects the boys who used to bully her

A woman who lost 60kgs after being bullied throughout high school has revealed the tables turned when she lost weight — and now she knocks back advances from the guys who once tormented her.

Elizabeth Jobson was mercilessly bullied throughout her childhood and describes her time at secondary school as “absolutely awful”.

The 23-year-old struggled with a junk food addiction, but finally decided to take action when she booked a girls getaway and was dreading wearing a bikini.

Elizabeth Jobson says that after losing 60kgs, the boys who used to bully her at school, suddenly started asking her out. Source: Kennedy News

“I did get bullied a lot at school, particularly at high school,” Elizabeth said. “High school was just awful. Absolutely awful.”

Despite trying diets, she always struggled and often found herself giving into her cravings.

At the height of her battles with food, she would hide stashes of chips in her bedroom to eat in secret. As a result, her weight crept up to 130kgs.

“I absolutely loved chips and chocolate, it was really unhealthy,” she explained. “There’s no food I don’t eat, so I would literally eat anything that was there.”

As a result she said she was taunted relentlessly and often felt like the “fat friend”.

But in 2015 Elizabeth, from Durham in the UK, went on a beach holiday to Turkey, where she was determined to feel proud in her swimmers.

The teacher who was 130kgs at her heaviest however, tells them where to go when, as she’s not interested. Source: Kennedy News

Over the next year she worked hard in the gym and overhauled her diet, dropping eight dress sizes and transforming her body.

She also imposed a strict 6pm curfew on eating and stopped stashing chips and eating in secret.

“When I look at a before and after picture it just shows how different I am now,” she said.

Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed her vaycay and even wore a bikini with her gal pals.

“I was able to wear a bikini which I probably haven’t done since I was about five,” she said. “I used to hate swimming – I just hated it.”

But there was another outcome from her body transformation, one that caught her by surprise.

“The funny thing is that since I lost the weight loads of the guys from high school that used to call me names, well they’re always the ones on the night out trying to chat me up and stuff,” she said.

Luckily, Elizabeth has the perfect comeback for those guys.

“I tell them where to go straight away,” she said, proving she’s certainly had the last laugh.

Additional reporting by Jessica Cripps at Kennedy News.

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