Woman kicked off flight over her name

Kristine Tarbert

A woman has been left stunned after she was denied boarding for a flight because of her name printed on her boarding pass.

Ashley Collins, from Canada, was heading to Iceland with a friend on Sunday, when Icelandic low-cost carrier WOW Air did not let her board her flight.

And it was all because her middle name was not on her boarding pass, Fox News reported.

“Once we got to the front, the lady said to her supervisor, ‘It’s another one’,” Ashley told Toronto’s City News.

“She handed me my passport and said I was missing the middle name on the ticket so I was denied boarding the flight.”

A woman was denied boarding because her name didn't match her boarding pass. Photo: Getty

An agent told her that no changes could be made to the name on her ticket within four hours of the flight.

In the end, she had to fork out twice as much money for a new flight to Iceland, leaving the next day, and was also charged to change the name on her return ticket.

It was a rule Ashley had never heard of before, and it seems an issue that many people are confused about.

A thread on TripAdviser a few years back asked the question ‘Does my middle name need to be on my ticket?’

“My passport shows my middle name but it isn't on my e ticket, does this matter?” the poster Jane wrote asking for advice.

It's a rule many seem confused about. Photo: Getty

The answers however were vastly different, with some saying it didn’t matter.

“Middle names do not matter. I have flown 30+ years without my middle name on any airline ticket,” one seasoned traveller responded.

“Reservation computers only care about first and last names,” another added.

But many said otherwise.

“Yes, if your middle name appears on your government issued ID ie (Passport, driver license), it must also be on your ticket,” was one comment.

One even shared her own experience.

“My passport has my first and surname on, my ticket had my first middle and surname on. I have never even thought about this before,” the commenter wrote.

“However the [airline] website wouldn't let me check in. When I got to the airport again the machine wouldn't let me check in. When a rep came over she said it was because my names didn't match exactly. Although she over-ruled the machine she said that I may not get through customs and if I didn't I would have to buy a brand new ticket.”

An Aussie travel agent told Be that every country has it's own regulations.

"Each country has their own rules and regulations, and can make these decisions at their discretion," she tells Be.

"In general middle names are not compulsory across most countries, Canada included."

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