Woman fumes as boyfriend proposes with his ex's engagement ring

Penny Burfitt
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A ring-shaming post has spectacularly backfired. Photo: Facebook

A woman’s engagement post has sparked heated debate online, after her attempt to shame the ring - which her boyfriend recycled from an ex - backfired hideously.

Posting to a wedding shaming group, the woman shared a snap of the ring along with a backstory unmatched in its twists, turns and ultimate faceplant.

“My boyfriend tried to propose with this ring two years ago,” she explained. “I said yes at first but after finding out he bought it for his ex I said no to his proposal.”

“Now, two years later I'm still with him but I will NEVER forget that he gave me this ring and probably won’t accept a proposal any time soon,” she concluded the caption with snaps of the ring in question.

The woman's engagement ring sparked a scathing response online. Photo: Facebook

The response to the post was initially supportive, with many calling out the boyfriend for reusing the ring.

“His ex’s sloppy seconds? Bin him and find someone who doesn't recycle their sh*t,” one woman recommended.

“If your man treats you as a recycling centre that just shows he's trash. Toss it,” another wrote.

Trolled over her relationship

The overwhelming response, however, was a scathing assessment of the woman’s decision to stay with her boyfriend, and then post about the recycling debacle two years after the fact.

“Why keep dragging it out then? Sounds like you would’ve accepted two years ago if it were a different ring, but now you don’t know if you’ll accept at all now?” one person questioned. “Save him AND yourself the trouble of a rocky marriage and break up now.”

“Don’t hold a grudge over something so stupid,” another agreed.

“I get it's not a great thing to do but come on, grow up,” another wrote. “Stay with him if you want him to propose, move the f**k on if you're going to be like that.”

Woman hits back

The woman herself didn’t take the criticism lying down, responding with a defence of her relationship.

“He's not a bad person, he's just clueless and we have a good relationship. He just didn’t think that maybe it wasn't a good idea to give me his ex's ring,” she wrote.

While debate continues to rage over the diamond debacle, perhaps the greatest comment to emerge was another woman’s similar experience, that ended with a very different outcome.

“Same happened to me! I legit threw it AND HIM in the river when I found out,” she wrote.

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