Woman furious over colleague's wedding snub

Sarah Carty
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It’s the dilemma many people face when they’re getting ready to walk up the aisle.

Should you invite all your work colleagues, just some of them, or none at all?

But one mum has been left fuming, after she was the only person in her office left off her co-worker’s guest list.

The disgruntled woman, who goes by the name ‘happylion’, took to parenting forum Mumsnet to ask others what she should do about facing all her colleagues at work the next week.

She started off the post by saying that there are just five people on her small team at work and one of the girls got married over the weekend.

A woman is furious after being the only one from her office not invited to her colleague’s wedding. Photo: YouTube

The mum was told that the wedding was family only, which she completely understood, however, the night of the wedding, she found out she was the only one from her team not invited after noticing a photo on social media.

“I feel such a d***,” the mum said.

“I even organised a card and brought a gift”.

The whole team had gone for drinks the week before the wedding to toast the bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding and she can’t believe they all knew that she was the only one not invited.

“Bride is now away for a few weeks on honeymoon, and I’ll be seeing the other girls in the office on Tuesday,” she said.

“I found out as I saw a picture of them all on Instagram and I liked it, so they will know I’ve seen it.

“I’m hurt, embarrassed and actually annoyed. I thought we were all friends. It’s the lies, why lie?”

People were quick to call out the bride for how she handled the situation

She can’t understand why she was the only one excluded from her small team of five. Photo: Getty Images

“That’s really s***. They’re not your real friends, and now you know for certain,” one person said.

Another person said: “That is really mean, no wonder you feel hurt. I think in that circumstance the bride really should have invited everyone.”

One woman said she was also the only person on her team excluded from one of her co-worker’s weddings and later she found out it was because the groom didn’t like her partner.

Another woman also was in the same situation and said that she couldn’t understand why the bride excluded her.

“I’d also thought that I was on equal footing with the other people in the place, but apparently not,” the woman said.

“I couldn’t get past it and was quite cool to the bride afterwards (it was a long time ago, I was pretty young) and she couldn’t understand why, which made me even less inclined to be friendly to her.”

Others said that it was the bride’s ‘right’ to invite whoever she please and claim that ‘coworkers are not your friends’.

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