Woman frustrated by ‘most controlling’ mother-in-law ever

Kristine Tarbert

A woman has taken to an online forum to vent about who she believes to be the most controlling mother-in-law ever – her own.

Nobody should be telling you that you are sleeping in too long – ever – and least of all should it be your mother-in-law.

Well that’s exactly what one poor woman has been experiencing, sharing her frustrations with her hubby’s ‘controlling’ mum on parenting forum Mumsnet.

The post starts off with the unnamed woman sharing her horror that her first holiday in three years is likely to be invaded by her MIL.

Would you want your mother-in-law on your holiday? Photo: Getty

“We are not well off and have saved for this week-long holiday in the sun. My in-laws on the other hand [are] well-off [and] go abroad two or three times a year,” she wrote.

“So we told my MIL (mother-in-law) that we are going away and she has decided that she may want to come with us although she will be staying with a relative who lives in a small village near to our destination.”

She goes on to explain that her mum-in-law has so far already made them change their plans of relaxing on the beach, to spend time with her and the relative instead.

The woman took to Mumsnet to vent her frustration. Photo: Mumsnet

But that’s not where her ‘influence ended’.

The woman goes on to reveal other ways the MIL has interfered on previous holidays, while asking for advice about whether she was overreacting.

“She hates when I wear clothes that show any skin (terrified of damage to skin from sun and also thinks I dress inappropriately) so I’ll have to cover up in the heat to make her shut up,” she explained.

She tells her what to wear and when to wake up. Photo: Youtube

“We’ve been on holiday with her before and I couldn’t even decide what time to wake up! She had to tell us what was too late or too early.”

Most were supportive of the woman saying she should definitely be priority for her husband.

Another woman even revealed she left her husband because his mum would go on holidays with them and ruin everything.

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