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Woman’s friendship and meal exchange with neighbors’ son goes viral in painfully wholesome TikTok series

A woman on TikTok has been documenting her budding friendship with the kid next door, and the results have been truly adorable. In fact, Audrey Perry (@audreyperryy) even began an informal “food exchange” with the young boy by swapping meals back and forth at the end of the day and sharing their honest reviews with followers.

Perry first introduced her young neighbor Nour on camera back in January, and she’s been periodically updating her followers about their nightly routine ever since. While Nour often brings over dinners that his family makes, Audrey has been sending back desserts for them to enjoy.

Part of what makes the series so interesting (apart from Nour being super charming on camera) is that the food swap is intercultural. Nour brings Middle Eastern recipes that have been in his family for years, and Audrey sends back some American classics — including her favorite cookie recipes.

In their first joint video, Nour says his mom sent over a bowl of “freekeh,” which he describes as a bowl of soup made from lentils.

“It’s kind of like a thicker soup,” he explains, “and you’re supposed to put bread with it — it’ll taste a lot better.”

Nour adds that the traditional Arabic dish includes blended veggies like carrots and zucchini. But instead of serving it with bread, his mom also packaged up a side salad to go with it.

“It has pomegranate in it too,” he says, “and if you’re wondering what the meat over there is, it’s um, it’s sheep liver and heart, too.”

After his little food intro, Nour takes a step back as Audrey tastes the dish and gives it an honest review. But as she starts eating the salad, she admits that she actually sneaked a bite before they started filming and already knows that she likes it.

In the end, Audrey gives the sheep liver and heart an 8 out of 10 but gives a more generous 9.5 out of 10 to the soup, which she says is spicy but delicious.

TikTok fell in love with the unlikely friend duo almost immediately.

“THIS IS SO PURE,” one person commented.

“I love this so much,” said another.

“all around a genuine friendship,” someone else chimed in.

In another video, Audrey invites some friends to join the party, too, and Nour gets the chance to review some delicious-looking cookies in front of them.

This time, he’s trying Joanna Gaines’ Silo Cookies recipe from her cookbook Magnolia Table, Volume 2.

“Off the bat, this is super good,” Nour tells them after just one bite.

“Wait, so tell me more,” one of Audrey’s friends asks before Nour begins to discuss the flavor and texture.

“It kinda tastes like banana,” he says. “And at the end, you kinda feel like chocolatey.”

When asked for his final review, Nour gives them a 9.5/10, though he notes that the cookies are “a bit dry.”

“this is so comforting i can’t explain it,” one person commented.

Others called the adorable little friendship “wholesome” and “heartwarming” and asked for Audrey to share more.

“Protect Nour at ALL costs,” one person declared.

Community food exchanges and even potluck dinners between friends are growing in popularity these days. There’s even an entire website, Food Swap Network, devoted to finding food exchange opportunities near you.

Recently, another TikToker went viral for sharing her newly launched “cookbook club,” in which she invites friends over for a shared meal after everyone prepares a different recipe from the same cookbook. As a result, many people were inspired to launch something similar.

But perhaps none of these videos are as heartwarming as the ones between Audrey and Nour, which now have millions of views.

Though there have only been three videos in the series so far, they are clearly eliciting a ton of emotions from viewers who have fallen in love with the little boy.

“MAYBE LIFE IS WORTH LIVING,” one person commented on the third video.

“Not to be dramatic but I would die for Nour,” said another.

“please cherish this bond,” someone else urged Audrey. “he will remember this for the rest of his life, the neighbor that was a safe place. an ear to listen and a heart to care.”

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