Woman finds live frog in her supermarket lettuce

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman got quite the shock after finding a live frog nestled in her supermarket lettuce.

Shevaughan Tolputt picked up a $0.70 head of lettuce, along with some other goods, from an Aldi store.

But, it wasn’t until she returned home that made the startling discovery of the amphibian happily hopping about in the bag.

“Can you believe it?” she says in the video above, while capturing the evidence on camera.

A woman has been left in shock after discovering a frog sitting in her newly bought bag of lettuce. Source: SWNS

“Yes… we have a frog in our lettuce,” says the man in the background filming, who sounds just as stunned.

After checking his watch the man records the date as the 30th of June before zooming in to get a closer look at the little hopper.

“Right so, we better go pop him over the hedge,” he then says, suggesting they are about to set the frog free.

Despite being initially startled the pair were clearly humoured by the whole experience.

“Well done Aldi, buy a lettuce and get a frog for free… wow!” the man says joking about the surprise bargain.

Although, next time they go shopping for lettuce, they might want to do a double-check of the bag for any living creatures lurking about.

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