Woman finds out friend gave her home two stars after staying over

Kristine Tarbert
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Could you imagine having a friend stay over at your house only to find they’ve judged and critiqued everything about your home and posted it online for the world to see?

That’s exactly what happened to one exasperated woman who discovered an old friend had given her home a ‘two-star’ rating after a weekend stay.

Sharing the unbelievable situation on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained that an old uni friend got in touch asking to stay for the weekend while she was visiting the area.

The pair enjoyed some pizza, nibbles and wine, rounding out what the woman thought was an acceptable weekend.

However, when scrolling through the woman’s Facebook page to see if she had posted any photos of her weekend, what she found instead left her gobsmacked.

The woman was shocked to find her ‘friend’ had given her a two-star rating. Photo: Getty

She had posted an in-depth review of their activities, her cooking and her home for all to see, summing up the weekend as ‘okay’.

Apparently breakfast was ‘underwhelming’ and the wi-fi speed was ‘poor’.

“The sleigh bed in the guest room was too high and I bumped on the wooden edge so often I have a bruise. The room was too small,” the critique continues, before taking aim at the decor as well.

“All in all I’d give her two stars,” the review concluded.

Utterly shocked, the woman took to the parenting forum for advice.

“Wtf is this!? Has she mistaken FB for trip advisor and my home for a hotel,” she wrote.

And many agreed that even if it was meant to be a joke, it was not ok.

The bloody cheek of it. I’d be tempted to message directly and ask what she’s playing at,” one person responded.

‘Has she mistaken FB for trip advisor and my home for a hotel?’ Photo: Getty

Is this an attempt at humour which has misfired?” another asked.

She sounds awful. I’d terminate the friendship. How rude,” was a comment.

What was even more surprising, the woman revealed they had made plans for her to come back at the end of July. Guessing these have changed.

“Could you write: ‘Hi two-stars, sorry we’re busy in July, all the best,” was one suggestion.

Tell her to jog on,” another suggested.

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