Woman dumped for ‘putting on weight’ after spending $160 on Tinder date

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

A woman who spent $160 travelling to a date before being dumped for ‘putting on weight’ is now fundraising to earn back the money spent.

UK woman Jade Savage, 28, who is an AU clothing size 16, spent the sum getting from Leicester to Peterborough to meet a man she had first met online.

The round trip took the mum-of-one a total of three and a half hours to complete – and was made worse by the fact she missed her initial form of transportation, a coach.

But when she was picked up at the station by her date, he allegedly called her fat – which lead to an argument.

Jade Savage, pictured, set up a GoFundMe page after her date ended within five minutes. Photo: GoFundMe

Five minutes later, the man – whom Jade had already been on a date with four weeks earlier – dropped her back at the station.

“Date called me fat and got offended when I told him he was rude and acting like a pr***,” she explains on the page, which is entitled: “Want my £90 (AU$160) back because my date called me fat.”

“So took me back to the train station 5 minutes later.”

“He then offered to give me the £90 travel money back and blocked me when I said yeah,” she adds.

Claiming it back

Explaining the motivation behind her GoFundMe page, Jade says: “Just want to make my £90 travel money back so I can buy wine and sticks of lard.”

She has already raised AU$1,400, well over her desired amount, at time of writing.

Jade provided further context to The Sun, saying, “I was chatting to him on the phone when I got to the train station, waiting for him to pick me up.

“That’s when he said, ‘F*** me, you have put some weight on haven’t you?’ I was like, ‘No, you can’t say that.’

“It was clear he wanted to call the whole thing off but I still hoped we could have a nice time so we went to his car.”

With an hour to go until the next train home, Jade set up a GoFundMe page to cover her costs, which included:

  • Taxi to Leicester and back - $27

  • Missed coach - $21

  • Train to Peterborough - $41

  • Wine at station - $9

  • Train back to Leicester - $27

  • Taxi home - $27

The care support worker says she has since been able to see the funny side: “My mates were laughing with me, saying, ‘You’ve paid £90 to go to Peterborough, be called fat and then get sent home.’

“It was the worst and shortest date I’ve been on.”

The GoFundMe was swamped with donations and positive comments. Photo: GoFundMe

Big reaction

After reading Jade’s story, strangers gave big, with many leaving positive comments alongside their donations.

“Have a glass of wine on me and onwards and upwards!! You look lovely btw,” one person wrote, another, who donated $90, said, “Women ‘your size’ but he’d be happy to date me when I was slim! You deserve better xx”
Jade isn’t the first to seek reimbursement after a bad date.

In June this year, a man asked to be paid back for a drink he bought a woman – because she didn’t sleep with him.

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