Woman dumbfounded by new roommate’s reaction to her ‘simple’ household rules: ‘You’re doing her a favor’

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A 21-year-old can’t believe her household rules upset her best friend.

She explained the problem on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The woman’s friend was recently kicked out of her rental. The Reddit poster decided to let the friend stay. But when the friend heard the household rules, she refused to live with the Reddit poster.

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“My best friend recently got kicked out of the house she was renting a room out of,” she explained. “I rent a two-bedroom apartment by myself and told her she could stay in my extra room. I told her she didn’t have to pay rent or anything, just help buy food and house stuff. Right before she moved in, I told her I had just a few rules I’d appreciate if she followed. She seemed visibly annoyed.”

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The rules were to clean up after herself, help out with chores, give a heads up if she had guests over, turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms and keep the noise down to a minimum after 11 p.m.

“That’s literally it, and she pretty much said ‘wow’ in an annoyed tone and left,” the Reddit poster said. “Later on, I texted her asking if everything was okay and if she was gonna be moving in tonight so I didn’t accidentally lock her out. She pretty much said no and that she’s not moving in anymore because I’m treating her like I’m her mom and giving her all these rules to follow. She ignored me, and later on, our other friend called me and b****ed me out for being a ‘controlling a******.’ Now she’s gonna be staying with that friend that called me, instead of me. They both also said I pretty much ruined our friendship. I thought my rules were simple and honestly just common courtesy of staying at someone else’s house.”

Reddit users thought the friend was out of line.

“You’re doing her a favor,” one user said.

“That’s a ridiculous reaction,” another wrote.

“Bullet might have been dodged here,” someone added.

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