Woman dumbfounded by boyfriend’s surprise household invitation: ‘It was not his place to ask’

A woman is furious with her boyfriend for renting out her basement to people without her permission.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. She inherited a house from her parents after they died. But now her boyfriend insists on renting out the spare room to his friends and family.

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“I (21) have 2 children with my boyfriend (28) we have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter and I’m currently 7 months along with 3rd I inherited my parents house when they passed away, it is a pretty big house and has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and I also renovated the basement to turn it into an 3 bedroom apartment and plan on renting it out. My boyfriend feels entitled to my house and keeps inviting friends to stay in the basement rent free before I get the chance to rent it out, currently the basement is empty because I was able to convince his friends who lived in the basement for 3 months to leave.”

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“His last friends damaged the fridge, the new fridge door is literally coming off. I changed the locks to the basement entrance and hide the keys so my boyfriend could no longer invite more people in it. I put money into to this basement as a way to Invest into my inheritance left by my parents and earn me some money extra money, my boyfriend feels as if I’m being selfish. We had a baby shower last weekend, during the baby shower his sister mentioned that she been having a hard time finding a new place and my boyfriend offered my basement to her at an discounted price.”

“I told her sorry we couldn’t do that because that’s not the price I intend to rent the apartment for, my boyfriend kept on insisting that it was fine saying don’t worry about that we’re family we help eachother out, in the end she accepted. Not only did my bf undermined me in front of his sister but he also disrespect me, it’s my house I should be able to choose who rents the basement and for how much they rent.”

“I know the value to my property and the amount he offered to rent it out to his sister was not even half the amount I wanted to rent it out for. We gotten into a huge argument with him calling me selfish and greedy and saying that I should be wanting to help his family out and I should have no problem with him allowing his sister to rent out the basement that there shouldn’t need to be discussion about it. I understand he wants to help his family but I feel offended that he didn’t even discuss it with before offering.”

Redditors thought the boyfriend raised some red flags.

“It is your house and he has some nerve having people stay there free and for asking his family to live there. I would tell them you aren’t renting to them as it was not his place to ask,” a user wrote.

“From the ages of your kids, you were at least 17/18 when you started dating and he was 25? That’s already a big problem,” a person commented.

“I would recommend letting him know without mincing words that this house is yours,” another suggested.

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