Woman’s Disney World sponge hack causes controversy on TikTok: ‘People complicate everything’

A mom took to TikTok to share her Disney World hack with followers — and now the travel tip has viewers split.

Vacation planner and TikToker Michelle Johnson (@magicaltravelbymichelle) gained over 2.4 million views, 114,000 likes, 23,000 saves, 9,200 shares and 900 comments when she uploaded the hack to her account.

While we’ve seen other amusement park hacks go viral on the app before — like the mom who found a way for her family to eat for free at every water park and theme park they visit — few hacks have divided commenters as much as Johnson’s.

Twelve days out from her family’s Disney World vacation, Johnson began prepping what she calls “soap sponges.”

As she explains in the videos caption, these soap sponges are “easy and cheap to make and allow me to wash any water bottles, cups, lunch box containers or resuable ziplock baggies in our Disney World room.”

In a later comment, Johnson further explains that she uses the sponges as “one and done” for wiping down tables, stroller trays and anything that needs cleaning back at the hotel.

She also explains that one bag of pre-soaped sponges stays behind in their room, while the other comes along with the family in their diaper bag.

“That is so unnecessary”

Judging by the mixed reactions from over 900 TikTok comments, Johnson’s hack polarized viewers.

“why not just take one sponge and small bottle of soap?” asked @briepl92.

“Just take a sponge and a travel bottle of dish soap. People complicate everything,” commented @heatherdarnell78.

“That is so unnecessary. Just take a small sponge and a small bottle with dish soap,” wrote @80_hd_creative.

“Just rinse it in the bathroom sink…I promise, you’ll be fine,” commented @kellie0403.

“A lot of work for nothing. I’m sure the room has soap,” wrote @feliciago4.

“This is genius”

Still, many applauded the hack and said they’d be using it themselves.

“I like this idea, I’ll be using this for our upcoming camping trip!” commented @sweetheartedtreats.

“Doing a cruise soon, this is genius,” wrote @luchies24.

“It’s nice to have it prepared. Don’t have to take up extra space with bottle of soap, don’t worry about soap spilling in luggage,” commented @kim.chambers0.

“Great idea. I hate going into a store while on vacation. Plus you can use these for other things that kids get messy in your room,” wrote @brendizzle2020.

“I do the same for laundry soap — I put detergent on a washcloth and let it dry before I pack it — then I throw the towel in the laundry with a load,” commented @eckmom40.

However, some TikTokers took issue not with Johnson’s hack, but the idea of washing reusable bottles in general.

“I haven’t washed my water bottle since I got it 6 months ago 😂😂😭” wrote @sarahatkinson28.

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