Woman's 'disgusting' find after deep cleaning uniform

Sarah Carty
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A woman has expressed her disgust after the filth that came off her chef’s aprons when she strip washed them

Taking to a Facebook page, the woman uploaded two images of the aprons lying in the bath, revealing that the water had turned a murky shade of brown after her spring clean.

Woman strip washes chef's aprons
A woman has been left disgusted after strip washing her chef's aprons. Photo: Facebook

“I have never done a strip wash, ever. The first I'd ever heard of it was right here. Today I thought I'd try it out on,” she wrote.

“Chef aprons.. to the eye these were clean clean clean.. this is after 5 min and one stir needless to say this will now be a regular thing.”


Woman washes chef's aprons
This is what the water looked like an hour after being left in the mixture. Photo: Facebook

A strip wash is basically when you give clothes, blankets or other fabric items a thorough clean.

People usually use washing soda and washing liquid to create a mixture but there are a tonne of different concoctions on Facebook pages online.

People couldn’t believe the results the woman got from her strip wash online, with some saying it makes them feel like they “need to strip wash my whole life”.

“I’m a chef & know exactly what the disgusting build up of grease feels like on my aprons..usually end up chucking them & buying new ones,” another person said, asking to know what a strip wash is.

Another person wrote: “I saw someone do their reusable bags, the green woolies ones etc and holy crap! The dirt that came out of them.”

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