Woman 'demoted' from maid of honour duties for being 'too fat'

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A woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing she was demoted from maid of honour duties by the bride for being ‘fat’.

In a text exchange shared to the social media app, it shows the bride telling the woman in a private message that the group chat “is not a therapy group”.

bridesmaids in pink dresses
A woman was demoted from her maid of honour duties for being 'fat'. Photo: Getty Images

“Of what. You telling me to go on a diet..no. It’s my wedding,” the bride responded.

The woman, who said the bride is “like her sister” seemed a bit shocked by the response, saying: “You demoted me from maid of honour because I’m fat”.


Instead of trying to diffuse the situation, the bride doubled down on her comments, saying: “Yes, Because you don’t have any control over yourself to go on a diet. I like people with discipline. You are still a bridesmaid. I’m going to sleep goodnight.”

Bride's nasty messages to bridesmaids
The text exchange between the woman and the bride. Photo: TikTok/liainlouisiana

The woman then shows herself chowing down on a delicious looking burger as the texts show in the background.

People in the comments were shocked, telling the woman the bride “has no respect for you and not to just take it”.

“I see you’re close and love her, but you don’t deserve to be treated like this by someone you love,” another person wrote.

In a follow up video, the woman cried into the camera as she revealed she has now been completely uninvited from the wedding.

"More wedding drama, because what is a wedding without bridesmaid drama," she said.

"I'm not going to the wedding. I have cried all afternoon... I am uninvited. I'm not going, I'm returning my bridesmaid dress on Monday and that's that."

When asked if she had told her cousin about the video, she said: "Yeah, I told her about it because it was kind of blowing up and she said I was uninvited, then tried to make it seem like it was my choice I wasn't going."

“Good. Save your $ and do something nice for yourself with the $ instead,” one person commented.

“You deserve so much better! I’m sorry, I know it hurts now but you did the right thing,” another person commented.

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