Woman decides between bridal looking dresses for ex-boyfriend's wedding

Lauren Clark
A woman has caused surprise over her dress options for her ex-boyfriend's wedding. Photo: Getty

What outfit to wear to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding is always going to be a difficult choice - particularly as you’ll probably want to look your best.

But one woman may have gone a step too far in wanting to show her former flame what he’s missing as he gets married.

She surprised social media users with her rather bridal-looking dress options to attend the nuptials.

In a post, which was shared in a wedding shaming Facebook group, she wrote: “I'm attending a wedding in three weeks and I can't decide what dress to get.

“If it helps, it's a pretty formal event and the groom is my ex-boyfriend but we're still very good friends so want to make an event to fit in."

The woman then proceeded to share pictures of three choices from fashion brand ASOS.

The woman's post was shared in a wedding shaming Facebook group. Photo: Facebook
A closer look at two of the dresses she is proposing. Photo: ASOS

Two of the options were white, including a $300 mini dress and a $180 maxi with a halterneck.

Members of the group were left baffled as to why the guest was happy to risk being mistaken for the bride, with some suspecting it may be deliberate.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: “I think she knows exactly what she is doing.”

Another commented: "She wants to outshine the bride. Just own it and go with the first one."

A third shared: “Why would you wear any colour CLOSE to white to your EX-boyfriend's wedding?

"You're just asking to be trash talked and you'd deserve it. Screams that you're not over the situation."

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