Woman carried off airport tarmac after scratching police following fight on flight

A screengrab from video footage taken of the altercation (tiktok.com/@kir.amore)
A screengrab from video footage taken of the altercation (tiktok.com/@kir.amore)

A woman who scratched and fought police officers who had come to escort her off a Frontier Airlines flight after she became involved in a brawl with another passenger is facing a host of charges.

Social media footage shows a Texas woman on a flight at Miami International Airport on Wednesday (22 March) arguing and threatening another traveller.

The plane was destined for Philadelphia when the pair became embroiled in an argument.

“I'm whatever you want,” the woman can be seen telling the man. “I'll beat you the f**k up. What you trying to be on?

“One thing, I'm going to rock your s**t,” she continued, leaning around another passenger who was trying to diffuse the situation.

“If you're real, show me what's up. I'm going to beat you the f**k up on this s**t, I guarantee you, I guarantee you.”

According to local media, she was eventually escorted off the plane by police officers.

After being informed she was under arrest, the woman is alleged to have started “pushing, pulling and tensing” and driving her fingernails into an officer’s elbow, causing scratches.

Video footage captured by a fellow passenger shows the woman being carried off the tarmac towards a police car by four officers.

The woman is reportedly now facing charges for battery on a police officer, resisting an officer with violence, and three misdemeanours for assaulting an officer, and another for trespassing.

A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines told The Independent: “On Wednesday 22 March, during the boarding process for Flight 2326 from Miami to Philadelphia, two customers got into a verbal altercation which resulted in one of the customers being asked to deplane.

“Upon her refusal, assistance was requested from local law enforcement.”

The footage is just the latest in a series of air rage incidents taking place on flights.

A man on a recent Southwest Airlines flight in Dallas told another passenger that he would “sit down in jail for you approaching my family” after accusing the man of “approaching my family aggressively”.

According to reports, both men were removed from the plane, but no arrests were made.