Woman calls out sister over her wedding ring selection: ‘She has tried to one-up me my entire life’

A woman cannot believe her sister is copying her exact engagement ring.

She went on Reddit’s “Wedding” forum to vent. Her sister is competitive with her. Despite her already being married and her sister not even being engaged yet, the ring became an issue. The sister went around telling everyone that when her looming proposal arrives, she’ll be wearing the same ring as the Reddit poster.

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“My sister is getting engaged soon and told everyone she plans to pick out a ring identical to mine,” she wrote. “I’m married, she’s with someone who is supposedly proposing soon.”

The ring is not necessarily rare, but it is unique. It’s not trendy and doesn’t include a diamond. For the Reddit poster, her sister’s intentions seemed obvious.

“It’s one thing to think about getting a similar ring but to proudly say out loud that she wants the same one, at multiple family gatherings, and actually do it? It will surprise no one to know she has tried to one-up me my entire life. […] I think she will ultimately be embarrassed that she did this down the line. But just wanted to vent about it somewhere,” she explained.

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Redditors felt the sister was being petty.

“Just keep mentioning to everyone that you’re sister loves your taste and wants to copy everything down to your engagement ring,” someone advised.

“This would irritate me so badly,” someone added.

“She’s not one-upping you if she gets the SAME ring, she’s being a copycat? So it’s like an homage to you?” a person wrote.

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