Woman has 'breakdown' after popular treatment 'melted off' her hair: 'It was done wrong'

An Australian woman says that her hair melted after a keratin treatment.

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TikToker Chelsie claimed that a hairdresser gave her a keratin treatment to strengthen her hair. But instead, giant chunks of it broke off. According to, Chelsie may have experienced a “protein overload” that left her hair damaged and dried out.

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“I decided to get a smoothing treatment in my hair with the claim of it to make my hair stronger, frizz-free and help it grow. My hair melted off after the treatment,” Chelsie explained in the caption.

Her hair was originally flowing past her shoulders, blonde and healthy. But after the treatment, her hair barely reached her chin.

While Chelsie tried to repair her hair with moisture and had a stylist attempt to cover up the damage, she still wasn’t happy. She said she “had a breakdown” and is considering shaving it.

People in the comments had empathy for the unfortunate hair disaster.

“Same thing happened to me. I allowed my stylist to do a Brazilian blowout and she melted my hair off. Then gave me free keratin product,” a TikToker said.

“I have never seen a keratin treatment do this!!! Hairdresser for 20 years and this looks like your hair was vigorously rubbed while being bleached,” another wrote.

“It was done wrong! Left on too long, not rinsed long enough and straighten too high or too much. So sorry this happened to you,” a person commented.

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