Woman accused of ‘ruining’ boyfriend’s birthday with her major life news: ‘This is beyond horrible behavior’

A woman is worried she ruined her boyfriend’s birthday by surprising him with big news.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. On the day of his birthday, she discovered that she was pregnant. The couple had been trying to conceive for six years. But when she told him the news, he completely flipped out.

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“My boyfriend just turned 30 on Wednesday and had a big party to celebrate it,” she explained. “I hadn’t been feeling well the last couple weeks leading up to it, but I was determined to make his birthday a great one. Due to my job and financial reasons, I haven’t been able to take many days off, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment the morning of his birthday, so I could celebrate in the evening.”

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“I found out I was pregnant during the appointment and was ecstatic. We’ve been trying for a baby for six years, and I thought this would be the perfect present for him. When I got home, there were a few people already there for the party.”

She tried to tell her boyfriend the news, but he dismissed her every time.

“I asked my boyfriend if we could speak in private, and he ignored me,” she said. “I asked again, and he told me that if it was so important, I could wait five minutes while he talked to his friend. So I just told him. He got extremely mad and started yelling in my face about how I was trying to ruin his day and that today was supposed to be about him and not me.”

“He told all the people there to leave and messaged everybody else to not come because I ruined the day. He then stormed out [of] the house and still hasn’t come back. I’m still so shocked and confused. He was so excited to try for a baby, but his reaction made no sense. My mom said that while it is a great surprise, I probably should have waited, as it was his day.”

Redditors weighed in on the issue. They found the boyfriend indefensible.

“This is just beyond horrible behavior on his part,” a user wrote.

“Are you sure you want a kid with this guy?” another commented.

“His reaction is highly suspect,” someone added.

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