Woman explains how she ‘accidentally’ ordered $312 steak on date: ‘I thought he was going to break up with me’

A woman shared a hilarious throwback from her second anniversary when she accidentally ordered an expensive dinner.

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TikToker @ikingdani revealed she thought her boyfriend was going to dump her when she mistakenly ordered a sirloin that cost $312. The mess left her in tears, but fortunately, her beau was a good sport about the debacle.

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“When he told you to get a wagyu sirloin but you accidentally get a regular 8 ounce wagyu… oops,” the video text read.

The little hiccup meant that his meal was $48 and her meal was $312. Between that and the sides, the bill was $438.54.

In the footage of the fateful moment, he pretended to shake his hands as slid his credit card through the payment system.

“I thought he was going to break up with me,” the video text said.

She clarified more about the incident in the comment section. Sadly, the food wasn’t even remarkable. That it was just “8 slices of wagyu and some tiny leaves on the side with salt. Trust me it wasn’t even good.”

Apparently, the menu didn’t say the meal was $39 per ounce, nor did the server tell her. People questioned whether it was really an accident, but she insisted that she “walked out the restaurant crying.”

“The server should’ve confirmed that’s what you meant to order given the disparity in the dishes,” a user said.

“You would’ve seen me clock in and start working,” another wrote.

“We’d be dining and dashing because I don’t even have that much money on me,” someone said.

“I think I’d just start crying if this happened to me,” a person added.

“The guilt would destroy me, I’d pay all I could and pay him back the rest late,” a TikToker replied.

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