Woman, 34, told by friends she’s too old to be a mum

Kristine Tarbert
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A woman has taken to the internet to ask for advice after her friends and family told her she was too old to become a mum at just 34.

Having been married to her husband for a decade, the woman revealed she felt she was ready to become a mum, but was met with little enthusiasm from others when she brought it up.

“We are happy as it is with our pets, but I would love to be a mum,” she wrote in a post to parenting forum Mumsnet.

A woman has been told she is too old to be a mum at 34. Photo: Getty

“However anytime I mention this to family and friends they all feel we are too old. We both turned 34 this summer.”

She continued saying she feels sad, and has almost been convinced that she is being unreasonable to think about having children at her age.

“Maybe everyone has a point,” she wrote.

However, the community online was quick to jump to the woman’s defence saying it was her family and friends that were being completely unreasonable.

She has been married for a decade and is ready to become a mum. Photo: Getty

“I’m 37 and pregnant,” one woman shared.

“That’s ridiculous! Definitely not too old. I had my first at 33,” another said.

“I was 30 having my first, and was 40 when my second was born,” was another response.

“My mum gave birth to me at 36 and my bother at 41, do what feels right for you,” one person suggested.

The average age of new mums is 30.7. Photo: Getty

Four decades ago, the median age of females giving birth in Australia was 25, but today it is 30.7 years, according to Child.

The age group with the highest fertility rate (births per female) are those 30 to 34.

The woman went on to thank the forum for their support.

“You all made me feel so much better about this all. I have been crying all night after what was said,” she revealed.

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