Here's a 10-day road trip to New Caledonia you could actually win

New Caledonia, anyone? Photo: Getty Images

We all love to dream of travelling to a tropical island and shake off the stress of busy, modern life with a little adventure, but for most the old bank account stands between us and paradise.

What if, however, you could nab yourself a 10-day all expenses paid road trip just three hours from major Eastern cities?

Well, Australia’s closest slice of paradise New Caledonia happens to be offering exactly that to anyone willing to apply.

Could this be you? Probably. Photo: Supplied

Running for the second time after its debut last year, Caledonian Dream is a project that selects 6 participants from around the world to embark on a 10-day road trip around the island.

Nothing in life is free of course, and participants will have to agree to be filmed for content, and share their adventures to their own social media platforms.

I know what you’re thinking, why bother with influencers galore ready to snap up the deal?

Well a quick glance at last year’s winners show a very down to earth, mixed bunch with varying levels of travel experience, so this may just be the competition the average Joe (or Jill) really can win.

The details are simple, just record a video describing your fine self and fill out an online form.

The deadline is the 21st of July so get your skates on, and give it a go.

Only requirements are that you be over 18, hold a passport, and speak English.

So if you’re a fledgling blogger, a thrill seeker or a mum wanting to explore the world, get cracking.

This is what you’re missing out on.

A spectacular coastline is just one thing New Caledonia has to offer. Photo: Getty Images

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