'I couldn't care less about Meghan': Wimbledon selfie-taker speaks out

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Meghan Markle sparked backlash earlier in the week when it was reported that security guards reportedly told a selfie-taking fan not to photograph her during a very public Wimbledon match.

58-year-old grandad, Hasan Hasanov, went viral after a photo appeared showing him taking a selfie in the VIP stand in front of Meghan Markle.

Now, he claims he had no idea the Duchess of Sussex was even there and said he was left confused when one of the 37-year-old’s minder’s told him off and asked him to give the former Suits actress privacy.

Wimbledon selfie-taker, Hasan Hasanov, has spoken out after his brush with royalty. Photo: Getty Images
Hassan claims he had no idea the Duchess of Sussex was there and was confused when her security guard told him to give her privacy. Photo: Getty Images

“I honestly couldn’t really care less about taking a picture of Meghan, Harry or any of the royals — and, if I did, I’d ask first,” Hassan said in an interview with The Sun.

“I was much more interested in getting a video of Roger Federer in action.”

TheAzerbaijan-born man had queued for hours to get into his seat in Centre Court to watch as Roger Federer took on South African tennis player Lloyd Harris.

The Duchess of Sussex was there to watch one of her best friends, tennis ace Serena Williams take on Giulia Gatto-Monticone.

Hassan said he has no idea his face had made national news until his daughter sent him a screenshot of the front page of The Sun.

“It seemed crazy to me because all I did was take a selfie to send to my wife. I was in the best seat I’d ever had in 15 years of queuing up for Wimbledon and wanted to show off because she didn’t get out of bed to join me.”

Tennis fans told off by Meghan’s protection officer

Fellow spectator Sally Jones - who was seated in the same row as the royal - claimed she was ordered by a royal protection officer to put her camera down while enjoying the tennis.

“Would you not take photographs of the Duchess. She’s here in a private capacity,” Ms Jones told the UK’s The Daily Telegraph were the words of the officer.

“I told him it was bonkers and even if I had been trying to snap the Duchess, I’d have got a blurry picture of her right ear.”

Instead Ms Jones informed the ‘embarrassed’ officer she was actually taking a snap of 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams, not Meghan - who attended with two of her friends from the US.

The media consultant went on to note she thought Meghan was 'clearly looking around looking to see who was looking at her’ as she sat in a section away from the rest of the packed arena.

The Duchess of Sussex attended the match with two of her American friends and was seated in front of a security guard and her personal assistant, away from the rest of the crowd. Photo: Getty Images

Despite the backlash, palace officials have insisted similar photos bans are often put in place by royals while out and about in a non-official capacity.

“It's not uncommon for personal protection officers accompanying any members of the Royal Family to ask people not to take pictures so they can engage with people and events rather than camera phones,” the source told Mail Online.

However, this is far from the first time Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, have copped criticism for their resistance to public life.

Last week they made the divisive decision to conduct baby Archie’s christening completely privately, without revealing the names of his godparents.

Meghan was at the tennis to watch friend Serena Williams play, rather than in an official royal capacity. Photo: Getty

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