Bitter Willy Moon targets new X Factor judge on Twitter

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The singer posted a comment on Twitter this morning that read: “New Zealand. Pours racist hatred on an opinionated black woman, replaces her with a guy in blackface."

He was referring to images of I Am Giant drummer Woolright performing with his face painted black.

Woolright says he has used black face paint for performances as a “form of expression and a point of difference”.

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"I grew up listening to and watching alternative bands like KISS, Mudvayne and Tool who all created stage costumes for their performances.

Shelton Woolright wears black face paint for some of his performances. Photo: I Am Giant/Facebook

"Just like my influencers, the black face paint has been part of my stage performance for various shows and videos and has been a developing concept,” he told Fairfax.

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Moon and his wife Natalia Kills were fired as judges and mentors on The X Factor NZ last week after they tore strips off contestant Joe Irvine, with Moon likening him to the killer from Psycho.

The pair have been replaced by Woolright and Australian musician Natalia Bassingthwaighte who are now on the receiving end of criticism too, however their crime is being 'too nice'.

Viewers have accused the new judges of being 'meek' and 'too complimentary'.