Will's 'thunderous' reaction to ex's jibe

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A night of drinking might have threatened the future King and Queen Photo: Getty Images

Kate and Wills have won hearts as a picture-perfect royal couple, however their relationship may have weathered a few more storms than we first thought.

According to explosive secrets published in 2011’sThe Making of a Royal Romance ,an ill-timed party game came close to undoing everyone’s favourite royal couple way back in the early days.

Nobody wants to bump into their ex while they’re with a new partner, so when Wills came face to face with former love interest Carly Massy-Birch, at a party, sparks were inevitably going to fly.

In the book, royal expert Katie Nicholls claims the familiar party game left William red-faced and Kate fuming.

Never-have-I-ever is a risky choice at the best of times, but for a future king trying to woo his Queen? It was always going to get ugly.

A drinking game was at the centre of the controversy. Photo: Getty Images

According to a source cited by Katie, a cheeky question from Wills’ former flame provoked a ‘thunderous’ reaction from the Prince.

According to the source: “When it was Carly’s turn to play she announced, ‘I’ve never dated two people in this room,’ knowing full well that William was the only one who had because Kate was sitting next to him.”

The squirmy question apparently provoked a ‘thunderous look’ from Wills who whispered furiously: “I can’t believe you said that.”

Wills’ response is understandable given a source confided to Katie that it was the first time the two had admitted to their relationship.

“We knew they were together but it was the first time William confirmed his and Kate’s relationship in public,” the source said.

Kate was not amused. Photo: Getty Images

To make matters worse, the continued ‘close relationship’ between Carly and Wills was said to have been already ‘grating’ on Kate’s nerves.

Carly and Wills lived across the road from one another, a proximity that seems to have made Kate jealous.

The awkward confrontation apparently left all the guests ‘shocked’ and further soured Kate and Carly’s relationship. It’s believed that Kate has barely spoken to Carly since.

Thankfully, the couple clearly sorted it out and went on to become our favourite Duke and Duchess combo, and bless us with their royal cutenesses.

The royal family melts hearts Photo: Getty Images

Just another reason to steer clear of drinking games.

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